Always Been Mine

Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Format: Kindle
Publication Date: May 2011
Series: The Moreno Brothers #2
Rating: ❤❤❤❤

After one heartache too many, Valerie Zuniga vows to never let Alex Moreno hurt her again. A year later, she is forced to reunite with him at a party where one unexpected sizzling kiss tells her she’s far from over him. No way will she allow herself to get sucked back into that torment. She’ll resist him even if that means using the one thing that will stop Alex dead in his tracks: another man.

Alex is coming off one of the worst years of his life. He spent so much time wallowing in self-pity, he never realized how much he’d missed Valerie. That is, until that kiss. Now, he’s determined to get her back one way or another, and no other man will stand in his way. Especially after discovering that Valerie may be in danger, a danger he blames himself for.

Always Been Mine is the second installment in The Moreno Brothers series. Due to the pleasant experience I got from the first book, I quickly picked up this book right after I finished Forever Mine. In the first book of the series, we met Sarah and other members of Moreno clan. This book, we continue the romantic journey to the love story between Alex and Valerie, Sarah's cousin.

Unlike the first book, this one started off with the breakup rather than love connection, for Alex and Valerie form their casual relationship since Forever Mine. Always Been Mine is, to some extend, explaining the reasons that Alex usually disappears from Valerie's life.

As usual, the author added problems to the story to buildup the tension. Problems, which normally involve crazy exes! I did not mind that, though. The intensity and the suspense make the story more interesting. However, I still think the second one cannot top the first one even I did enjoy both books similarly.

This book is not suitable for younger reader due to the adult content. Therefore, I recommence this book only to people who are over 18 year of age. Well, even if you are over 18, but you are not comfortable reading erotic (books contain "intimate" scenes), I do not think this book is appropriate for you either.


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