Where I Belong

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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Author: Gwendolyn Heasley
Pages: 289
Publication Date: February 2, 2011
Publisher: HarperCollins
Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Corrinne Corcoran's life is dramatically changed when her father is laid off due to recession. Since living in Manhattan, New York, is not going to be easy for them, her parents decide to send her and Tripp, her brother, to Broken Spoke, where their grandparents live. Since then Corrinne has faced so many changes.

Corrinne Corcoran: a sixteen-year old, beautiful, spoiled rich girl from Manhattan. She is sent to live with the grandparents in Broken Spoke, Texas when the family is having a financial problem due to the recession.
Cole Corcoran: Corrinne's father. He is an investment banker in New York.
Jenny Jo Corcoran (J.J): Corrinne's mother and a former model. She left Broken Spoke for New York when she was 21 and has never been back until then.
Tripp: Corcoran's little brother. He is twelve and sweet. He wants to spend more time with Corrinne, but she tends to disappoint him.
Waverly: Corrinne's best friend. They have planned to be roommates when they come to Kent, a boarding school. However, their plan fails since Corrinne has to move to Broken Spoke.
Billy Bo Houston: Corrinne's grandfather
Sandy Jean Houston: Corrinne's grandmother. She loves cooking and her food tastes great also. She is still working.
Kitsy Kidd: a sophomore and a Mockingbirdette (a cheer leader). She is nice to Corrinne and they become best friends later on. Kitsy is skillful with makeups.
Hands: Kitsy's boyfriend and also a quarterback of the football team.
Bubby: Hands' friend and teammate. He is in the same class with Corrinne and showing that he is interested in her, but she doesn't return the interest. He never gives up though.
Rider: a wannabe rock star. He is in the band called Friday Night After the Light. He also works at the stable with Corrinne.
Ginger: owner of the stable and an old friend of Corrinne's grandmother. She is Corrinne's employer as well.
Kiki: Kitsy's seven-year-old brother. He is the town's champion mutton buster.
Luis: Spanish teacher and also football coach
Sweetbread: Corrinne's horse
Mr. Chin: owner of Chin's Chinese Restaurant

The first thing that interested about this book is the cover, of course. I am a sucker when it comes to books with  attractive designs. As for this book, the cover is so sweet and it's hard to resist for me. One more point is that the tittle itself is eye-catching, as well. Due to other distractions, I tend to spend more days finishing this book than I have expected. However, it was a joy during the reading process, even though it is not the best one of the best books I have read, I have to agree that it is well-written.

The first thought that came to me when I read this book is Corrinne is a spoilt brat. She is used to the life that she can get whatever she want. So when everything doesn't turn out as she has expected, she just freaks out. Well, maybe if we look at the situation from her perspective, it might be normal to freak out. She has to leave my big city life behind and start a new one, where everything is totally different. 

Speaking of her life in Broken Spoke, I think it is not so bad at all. She still goes to school, even now it is a public school. She also can out with friends and the curfew is not bad at all. Midnight for a sixteen-year-old girl is very generous in my option. But still, maybe I look at it from my view only. 

There are many transformations that happen to Corrinne. She changes from being a shallow, impolite, ill-tempered young woman to a thoughtful and understanding person. Her relationship with her mother is also getting better. I am touched by what Tripp has written about Corrinne being his heroine. It is so sweet.


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